Life of a working mum

Today is the last day I have off work with my children before I return to work. I work as a Teaching Assistant and am in the last year of my teacher training (I get day release every Friday). I have such a busy year coming up and have spent the whole morning tidying the house in hope that it will take my mind of what is to come.

I am use to juggling work, university, my health and my twins but this year I have my dissertation at university which is 10000 words and I am due to start that within the next few weeks as well as 4 other modules! This on top of working full time and being a mum to twin toddlers can be overwhelming but I am so thankful that I do get these holidays off with them.

6 weeks really seems like a long time when you think about it but it goes so very fast. I think that this is because I feel that I can relax and enjoy every day at home which is rare during term time. I think over the next term until Christmas I need to be focussed on staying organised and on top of my university work and that will allow me not to feel overwhelmed by it! I have the exciting thought that next year I will get my own class and my twins will be in school themselves. Right now this seems like a lifetime away.

I have been back to work since my twins were 5 months old  and I started university two weeks before their first birthday and I can not believe how fast the time has gone! Sometimes I feel guilty that I am not home every second of the day with them but on the other hand I feel that would not be healthy for me or for them.

The terrible threes are quickly becoming a thing- especially me having these six weeks off and I hope that getting them back into nursery will give them happiness and fun during the day! They also spend some of the week with my mum when they are not at nursery and they love spending time there! This term will be full of challenges, ups and downs but getting my thoughts together through writing helps my anxiety and worries of the future.

I hope that other mums/teachers can relate to how I am feeling and I would love to connect with others!


See you next time…


Today I booked my Wedding!

So yesterday I was not able to upload as we have finally booked a date for our wedding. After three years of being engaged we decided that it was time to make plans. Even though we are not getting married until August 2019 it is still so exciting to be able to plan the day 🙂

I would like to use this blog as a place to document all of the planning and my thoughts about the day. I am going to start with a weightless log as I have also started Slimming Wold as my wedding a the main motivator! I think that I will do weekly updates on this every Friday so that I stay on track for the Big Day.

When the time gets a little closer, I will do posts about the dress, decorations and how I am going to involve my children within the day!

I hope you enjoyed this little update and I would love any recommendations or advice about weddings, as I don’t know where to start!


Until next time…

Summer Mummy Favourites!

I feel that in the past three years since my twins were born, I really appreciate the smaller things, such as a nice shower gel or a new candle! I know that totally sounds like I am an old lady! But to me I enjoy having nice things, not often but I do appreciate them as they make me feel more normal. So I have come up with a list of things that through the last few months have been my absolute favourite mummy pleasures!

  1. Nspa- Let them Eat CAKE- white chocolate and macaroon shower jel- This shower gel smells like pudding in the nicest way ever! It is creamy, soft and the scent lingers for hours. I would recommend this for a bit of a pamper or even just for a quick shower. It is available in Asda in The UK!
  2. The Body Shop- I love LOTS of the body shops products, but one that I have been using religiously for years is their Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream. This is the best moisturiser for dry skin that I have come across, I use it all year round and it always keeps my skin in a better condition than any other moisturiser.
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills- This brand is something that I am not all too familiar with but I ordered the Modern Renaissance Palette on a whim back in March and I don’t think I have gone a day since without using it! I always use to stick to boring colours but since purchasing this, it has made me really enjoy makeup!
  4. Soap and Glory- I am a big fan of this brand, as are lots of people! I have been using their bath and body collections for years but have only this year tried their makeup and I absolutely love their SexyMotherpucker lipsticks! I have two shades but the shade BerryKissable is perfect for my pale skin tone and it smells so, so amazing! I would completely recommend these to anyone who want to try something from this brand.
  5. Yankee Candles- My favourite Yankee Candle is called Tarte Tatin, even though this is an autumn scent I have been burning it all summer and I plan to buy another one soon! It smells like sweet apples and it fills up the whole house which I really enjoy. I usually buy these on amazon as I find that they have the best price for these candles here in The UK.
  6. Method Cleaning Products- I like to try and keep my house as clean as possible- even though my finance would probably contest that as he is much more though rough than I ever will be! I really think that these products are great if you have children in the house or if you want something less severe than bleach to use in your home. I buy these from Tesco or Homebase in the Uk and the children particularly enjoy the foaming hand wash!


I hope you enjoyed reading my mummy favourites of the summer! I think it is important to still enjoy the small things even as a mummy! Please share yours in the comments box!

See you all on my next post…